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Vice President Mike Pence talks jobs, healthcare and more

May 24, 2017
Originally Posted on KLFY

PORT ALLEN, La. (KLFY) – After much anticipation and visit with local entrepreneurs, Vice President Mike Pence made an announcement at Cajun Industries in Port Allen.
The Vice President spoke on a few major priorities of President Donald Trump.
“We will give our soldiers, sailors, airman, Marines and Coast Guard the resources and the training they need to accomplish their mission defending our nation and come home safe said Pence.
Healthcare was also among the priorities; more specifically, to repeal and replace The Affordable Health Care Act.

“The Obamacare nightmare is about to end” Pence said after stating the American Healthcare Act gives working families more choices with expanded health savings accounts, that parents will be able to keep their children on their plans until they’re 26 years old, and that Americans with preexisting conditions will have the coverage they need.

The VP also revealed the president's three-part agenda:

“Jobs, jobs, and jobs.”

Pence says, President Trump’s removal of restrictions on natural gas is going to save America millions, and create American jobs.

“He has eliminated rules and mandates that costs the American economy as much is $18 billion every year. The president is fighting every day for American energy, so important here in the great state of Louisiana.”

Louisiana Association of Business and Industry CEO, Stephen Waguespack, says “He really focused on the things that they are trying to do to free up investment: he mentioned oil and gas, which is a critical part of our sector.

He talked about removing red tape for small business and a big business. It’s the type of things we need to hear in Louisiana because we are having such a challenge with the recession.”



In closing, Vice President Pence made one request of the American people: that was to pray. Pray for the administration and pray for their country.