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LABI 2016 Program of Work

December 30, 2015

The LABI 2016 Program of Work is now available online for members and the public. In 2016, LABI will remain focused on a set of policy priorities that will help grow private-sector jobs and improve and diversify our economy. In particular, the principal goals of the organization in 2016 are fiscal reform, K12 education, and civil justice. 

The complete LABI agenda also includes positions on employee relations, energy, environmental quality, workforce development, health care, small business, technology, governmental reform, trade, transportation, and tourism. 

Shaped over the 40-year history of LABI, this comprehensive platform begins with ideas gathered from thousands of employers, is discussed in detail in the summer and fall by LABI Issue Councils, and was recently approved by LABI’s 100-member board of directors. 

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